Caravan IngredientsOur Caravan Ingredients line includes bagel base, rye bread mix, pumpernickel bread mix, multigrain bread mixes, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Contact Bakers Service at (414) 672-6599 for Caravan Ingredients product information and to place an order.

Bulk Sweeteners

Item # Product Description Size/Usage
102 Great Grain Bagel Base Crunchy multi grain bagel, nutty flavor 2/20# Box
105 Jeshua's Old Style Rye Mix Delicious rye, convenient mix 3/16# Box
120 Kiev Pumpernickel Mix Crisp crust, hearty flavor, firm texture 3/14.5# Box
141 Crusty Europa Base All purpose base for crusty breads 4/10# Box
173 Dribrite - BF Base Makes breads, rolls and danish shine 40# Box
176 Freeze-thaw Crème Powder for custard-like filling 50# Box
111 8 Grain Bread Mix Dense European style loaves 50# Box
107 All Grain Mix Eight grains in easy-to-use form 50# Box
191 Dyn-A-Max Bread emulsifier for yeast raised goods 35# Pail
175 Half 'N Half Frisco Sour Do California style sour dough for breads 50# Box
121 Half 'N Half Rye Rye sour for rye breads and rolls 50# Box
187 Half 'N Half Wheat Bread Wheat breads and rolls 50# Box
140 Grain Meister Hearty, full-flavored grain breads 25# Box
116 Pesto Meister Basil, herb, garlic, cheese blend for breads 4/10# Box
193 Tomato Meister Dried tomatoes, basil, oregano, garlic blend 25# Box/50# Box
104 Veggie Garden Meister Vegetable, spice and herb blend for breads and rolls 25# Box
132 Redi Sour Sour for ryes, pump and french breads and rolls 50# Box
137 ExCello Rate Use in breads, rolls and sweet goods 50# Box
101 Stability 63 Icing stabilizer 50# Box
109 Wrappable Drier Doughnut glaze 50# Box
135 Instant Do No-time dough conditioner for breads, rolls and bagels 50# Box
124644 Bagel EZE-5 Mix Easy mix for perfect bagels 60# Box
118 Bak Krisp NB Concentrate, no time base for Italian and French breads and rolls 50# Box
134837 Bake Soft Tortilla 500 Enzyme added to improve the pliability of tortilla 50# Box

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