40 years ago Jerry Maney had a vision. He wanted to build a business that would provide his customers with excellent customer service along with superior products.  He said, “To ensure a process, you need to have control of the entire process,” so he devised a plan. 

"It Will Be Fun!"

He recruited his family, Lorraine, Mark and Debbie to make this work.  He said, “It will be fun!”  We fell for it!  We immersed ourselves in “Mark’s Warehouse,” which would eventually become Bakers Service Unlimited. 

Mark hand unloaded railroad cars of product, stacked it on pallets, then I drove the fork lift full of product to our warehouse.  Who needs to get paid at 14 years old when you get to drive a fork lift.  My Dad sold the product, Mark received and delivered it and my Mom (Lorraine) did everything else but drive the fork lift.  That was my job.

Mark continued working while attending college and I pursued a degree away from home. I rejoined Bakers Service 15 years later.  Forty years have passed and Bakers Service still remains a family owned and operated business that continues to provide renowned customer service and premium quality products.

Speak with A Person Not A Prompt

In our society of mergers, acquisitions, phone prompts and being put on hold for the next available operator, you will find it a refreshing change of pace to call Bakers Service.  You will get a person, not a prompt.  We will personally assist you with all your needs. We work hard to maintain low costs, dependable service and quality products.  Call our office today at (414) 672-6599.