BroliteOur Brolite line includes conditioners, powdered eggs, stablizers, grains, seeds and natural rye sours. Contact Bakers Service at (414) 672-6599 for Brolite product information and to place an order.

Product # Product Description Size/Usage
6442 Bro White Sour Natural sour flavor from natural sour culture 50# Bag/3%-10%
6443 Bro Rye Sour Natural cultured, rich, full flavored rye sour 50# Bag/3%-6%
6003 All Soft Enzyme-based softener for breads and buns 50# Bag/1%
3150 Bro Eg-Cellent Powdered egg blend to replace whole eggs 50# Bag/Varies
4000 Dough Conditioner #700 Mixing time reducing agent for bread and sweet doughs 50# Bag/.25%
4151 Egg O Lite Clear flour for rye, wheat and specialty breads 50# Bag/Varies
4218 Bro Icing Base Powdered egg to replace whole or frozen eggs 50# Bag/Varies
6440 Gartex Stabilizer Icing and glaze stabilizer for frozen products 50# Bag/1%-3%

If the product you are interested in is not listed, please call Bakers Service Unlimited at (414) 672-6599.