PuratosOur Puratos line includes powder dough, improvers, dough conditioners, bread bases, roll bases and natural grains. Contact Bakers Service at (414) 672-6599 for Puratos product information and to place an order.

Item # Product Description Size/Usage
4107392 Softr' Intens Extend Fresh Powder dough additive used on top of any other improvers to extend shelf life of bread. 50# Bag/3%
4107262 Max Kimo 5000 All-purpose improver designed for unfermented frozen doughs 50# Bag/2%
4107254 S-500 Red All-purpose improver for direct doughs, yeast doughs, bread, rolls, croissants and danish 50# Bag/2%
4107211 S-500 Green All natural improver with superior tolerance and volume 50# Bag/2%
4107291 Easy French No-time powder base for French and Italian bread and rolls 50# Bag/5%
4107276 Easy Viva Italia Base for Italian flat bread and focaccia 25# Bag/50%
4107272 Easy New Yorker Rye No-time base for authentic New York-style rye 50# Bag/10%
4107275 Easy New York Bagel BF No-time base for New York-style bagels (Bromate-free) 50# Bag/5%
4107290 Easy Soft'r Bagel MTO base for soft bagels with extended shelf life 50# Bag/5%
4107814 Tegral Nut Bread Versatile and moist fruit and nut bread 50# Bag/100%
4107283 Tegral Alpine 7 Grain Complete mix for 7-grain bread with a coarse texture and mild sour flavor 50# Bag/100%
4107279 Artisan Mx Gr All natural grains for bread and roll recipes (Puravita) 50# Bag/25-30%
4107199 Fidelio All natural liquid sourdough flavor for San Francisco-style bread 22# Bag/7-10%
4107295 Quick Step Crispy Power dough conditioner for the production of pre-fermented frozen dough 50#
4100206 Classic Strawberry For donuts, turnovers, danish cakes and pastries 5/2.2# Jars
4107197 Panarome All natural liquid bread flavor and sponge replacer 22# Box /1-3%
4100604 Traviata All natural powder with rye-based sourdough flavor 55# Bag/1-2%
4107265 San Francisco Sour Flavor A powder of San Francisco sourdough flavor 50# Bag/1-2%
4107187 Harmony Ready Briant Apricot flavored, pectin-based glaze for fruit tarts, danish, etc. Spray machine or brush. 26.44# Box/RTU
4107155 Belcolade Ganache Dark ganache made with pure Belgian chocolate. Perfect for enrobing truffles and filling. 20# Pail/RTU
4108013 Carat Dark Chocolate Shavings aka Cloverlux Large shavings of pure dark chocolate 10# Box/RTU
4108036 Carat Dark Dark coating for melting 25#
4108055 Carat White White coating for melting 25#
4107844 Tegral Sponge For tres leches cakes 50#
4107166 Raspberry Filling Ready-to-use filling for bakery products 12/2# 24# Box

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